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Collection Information

Since 1987, Alco Collections, Inc. has been serving non performing assetts for businesses to improve their cash flow. Our clients include small businesses, banks, hospitals, retailers, universities, cities, manufacturers - virtually any organization that accepts checks or extends credit.

Our proven system helps companies recover money owed to them, and our industry-leading results earn their ongoing confidence. More than 60,000 businesses currently entrust us with their slow-pay and non-paying accounts. In return, we recover three times more money than our competitors at a fraction of the cost.

Integrity & Trust
Alco recognizes that trust is an important component of the search and selection process. We promise strict confidentiality to safeguard your interest. Alco is pleased to supply references from your colleagues and peers upon request.
Cost Effectiveness
Licensed and bonded. Alco Collections, Inc.'s staff has many years of experience in the collection business. We can effectively process accounts from small to large volume providers at a competitive rate.
Collections is our only business and that is what we do best - Collect. Give us your charge-offs, past dues, and difficult accounts. We collect medical accounts, bad checks, skips, judgments, and accounts that others turned back as uncollectible. We offer a complete collection system utilizing the most sophisticated State-of-the-Art service available.
The concept behind Alco is all about service. By offering a more diverse range of programs and service from a single source, we help a broad range of companies - both large and small - to manage accounts and maintain customer relations with maximum efficiency.
The best resources deliver the best results. When you put Alco to work, you are working with a highly trained workforce that is second to none and with the most sophisticated technology available. In our mastery of each and every small detail, you will see that Alco understands the big picture in receivables management better than anyone. Don't Delay Call Today!

Security Information

Alco Collections, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality and security of all client and customer information. Security tools are in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Information Security

Your information is stored on servers that are protected against unauthorized access through the use of safeguards such as Encryption, Secure Socket Layers, and Multiple firewall protection.

A security perimeter has been identified and documented, which includes computer rooms, media storage rooms, data centers, etc. Surveillance cameras are in place to monitor the premises and departments/work areas that deal with sensitive information, payment processing, or systems. Computer, media storage and telecom room access is secured and restricted to authorized personnel, and disposal of computer systems and storage devices is handled in a secure fashion.

Security Policies

*Federal and State Data Security requirements are ever changing. Alco Collections, Inc. has been proactive in monitoring and preparing for these changes as they occur. We are committed to ensuring that clients and their debtor’s personal information will be handled in a secure manner.

*Red Flag Rules compliant. Alco Collections, Inc. implemented and strictly enforces a written Identity Theft Prevention Program per FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines.

*HIPAA and HITECH Act (2010) Alco Collections, Inc. adheres to the compliance issues associated with the Healthcare industry.

*FDCPA & FCRA Alco Collections, Inc. adheres to compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as well as state equivalent requirements for all states that have enacted such laws.