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Some of the Industries We Serve

Banks and Credit Unions
As a bank or credit union, it’s hard enough to serve in all of your different roles and keep your customers happy. As one satisfied banker told us, “This has saved us legal fees, headaches and freed up my time to do more productive activities for the bank."
Rental Property Managers
As a property manager, you have too many other responsibilities to worry about late rent and skip accounts. Partner with the experts at our company to locate deadbeats and make sure your tenants pay you every month, on time
Medical and Dental
Dealing with insurance remittances and rules takes enough time and personnel. Don’t write off outstanding accounts because you don’t have the staff resources to pursue them. Our company can help you collect outstanding amounts for co-pays and services not covered by insurance
Commercial Accounts
Business to business debts pose unique challenges, but also have different collection options. All other means of collection are available, but our company can also send a private investigator to visit the your debtor and collect your check